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Zia has been wanting a wood necklace since I started making them.  She hesitantly offered me $10 for the first dog necklace I made, which was all the money she had in the world.  It was super cute, but the necklace was a custom order and I couldn’t give it (or sell it) to her.  I kept telling her I would make her one as soon as I had a little more inventory in my shop.  This week I finally did.

The Winter Arts Festival at school is tomorrow, and Zia’s class is singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  I made this little necklace featuring a baby Rudolph for her to wear, and she loved it.


She also made this blanket Sunday night. The other side is My Little Pony, and I’m sure you will see it around here at some point. It’s been a nice cozy blanket for her, and I often find her curled up in it on her bed or watching a movie shrouded in it on the couch.  She has been home from school sick this week, and finally went today for at least a half-day, with a request that Chub and I come to have lunch with her.  Which, of course, we’re doing. 🙂

2 Responses to “for zia”

  1. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeeee….. And lil Zia – I love this Rudolph pendant – it seems like just the right one for you, Zia – I love you/grandma

  2. Mimi says on :

    So pretty for Zia!!