first snow!

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I know it’s been for-ev-ah since I’ve posted, and I’m so very sorry for the absence. <3 Our days here have been full of lots of good things, and I’ll try to give a little glimpse of them in this post.

We help with a food bank on Lookout Mountain now on Tuesdays, and it’s a fun experience–both for us grown-ups and for the kids. It involves boxes of overripe produce, sometimes-slimy salads, margarine marked as butter, and milk that you must definitely sniff before drinking. Otherwise, the food is great, and we always come home with a bag of produce or some interesting new–supposedly edible–thing to try.

There are also people, of course. It’s amazing to see them so grateful for the smallest things (potatoes!) We’ve made some new friends and really look forward to seeing them each week.


This morning we awoke to our first real snow. We had 1/4 inch or so the other day, but this is the real thing. It required boots, gloves, snow brushes and snow shovels, which is all very exciting. People in Colorado are generally happy, but when it snows, they are elated. The entire school was buzzing when I took Zia this morning. The goats are gazing around in their typical first-snow wonderment, and the trees still think it’s fall, with golden leaves scattering all over the snow.


We had a really long, colorful fall season–usually by this time of year it has already been snowing for about a month. It was quite chilly for the last couple of weeks, though, which really intensifies the gold of the aspens. And a lot of them are still green!


David and I pulled those logs out of the forest the other day. A month ago, I still wouldn’t have had the strength to do it, but now it feels so good to be able to move around and do some light work. I saw a naturopathic doc a month ago, had some lab work done, and I’m taking extra supplements and finally feel like I’m moving forward.


This is the wooded acre adjoining ours, before it snowed. There are big aspens with really beautiful colors. The kids like exploring there, and they always make “soup” in a hollow tree stump. Which always brings back such good childhood memories, and somehow causes all the differences between my childhood and theirs to fade (bye bye wi-fi).


I’m carving lots of bear totem necklaces for my shop these days, and it keeps me happy and busy. I also made a foray into the world of social media, since I guess I can’t hope to run my business on a desert island when the rest of the world is a networked metropolis. I was kind of sad to break my lovely isolation from the virtual world, but now I’m actually liking (to a certain extent) the connections that have popped out of nowhere in the last two days. Sometimes it does get a little overwhelming, which is quickly solved by slamming my computer (gently) shut.


I’ve picked up another sewing pattern illustration job (have I mentioned how much I love these jobs)? They are such a great mix of illustrating, sewing know-how, and simply insiding-out your brain as you mentally flip fabric and turn seams. Love, love, love. And I get paid for it. šŸ™‚


Well, I’m off to my busy life (which is really quite laid-back, LOL) so I’ll say goodbye and go sweep snow off the porch and whittle some basswood. Oh, the crazy life of a bustling career woman. šŸ˜‰








2 Responses to “first snow!”

  1. Mimi says on :

    Beautiful pics…they’re like paintings! I Like the job you do on the patterns. Those aspens are gorgeous. SNOW. Unbelievable but very pretty. Love, Mama

  2. Mom & Dad says on :

    HI honeeee….yes, these pix are gorgeous— happy to hear you are feeling better – it is such a blessing to feel good – stay warm :; and have a nice day / luv u/mom