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The creative flow is strange, isn’t it? I often find myself so utterly swept up in a new project that I seem to lose track of everything else in the headlong rush of the thing.  One finished piece provokes another, and it seems that just as I catch my breath I’m diving in again! Of course, there are also the ones that drag on far too long, with seemingly zero inspiration…more like a chore to wade through. Ug.

Sometimes I forget to blog for the pure inertia of creativity as one project tumbles into another. Sometimes I just don’t want to talk about the ones I’m struggling to finish! So I thought I might  take a couple of posts and show some of the projects I’ve been working on over the past couple of months…projects I haven’t mentioned, for one reason or another.

Lately, I’ve made a few things for my friend Darci. Darci’s the kind of person you just love to do things for. She’s super thoughtful and nice, and always really grateful for anything you do for her. Beyond that, she’s just a really cool, fun person! And besides all that, she spends most of her time being the best possible mom to two really cute kids.

For Darci’s birthday, I wanted to make her a bag. At first, I thought I would make her a diaper bag. Us mothers are always looking for good “mothering tools”. Then I decided I would rather make a bag  just for Darci and Darci alone, not Darci the mother or anything else. So I designed this fun little bag, and I made sure that it came out very Darci-ish.

DSC01654 copy

Remember Liz’s bag? I used the rest of the fabric I had left over from that. Darci is a very textured type of person, with thick bouncy corkscrew hair and laughing brown eyes. The colorful visual texture of the fabric seemed perfect for her! I added a silk turquise lining and a thin little strap to go over the shoulder. The big brown wooden button was bold, but it seemed like the perfect touch- and she loved it.

DSC01664 copy

If I named it, I would call it the “Me” Bag, since it has room for only a few things…those things that are important enough to always have with us. For Darci, that’s her water, her wallet, and her Bible- or you could say the Word, if you wanted to do the WWW thing.

Sorry, Jez- no room for diapers, sippy cups, toys, snacks, blankies, changing mat, etc. That stuff goes in YOUR bag, little girl!

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