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I’m finally getting around to an update on my artist’s residency–ta-da!

I taught my first jewelry class, Celtic Designs, two Saturdays ago.  Since then we’ve been a little busy around here (David leaving to Seattle, Mimi coming to visit for a week, etc.) and I’m just now putting together some photos.  These are pieces I made in preparation for the class, mostly to show different Celtic designs.   We made two of the designs in class–which was waaay more than enough.


Here is a Celtic Triskelion, also known as a Triskele.  It’s simply three swirls wired together–this one is brass.


These are Triquetra (or Trinity Knot) earrings, made with copper wire.  The ear wires are also handmade.



Actually, they’re pretty quiet.


A larger Triquetra pendant, made with brass and copper.


Sterling silver Triquetra earrings.  (I really love these!)


A woven Celtic pendant.  I saw something similar to this on the Internet.  I formed it from brass, hammered it, then antiqued it by rubbing it with liver of sulfur.


Here is the brass in its original state


and here it is finished.  I think this would make a cool guy’s necklace…I mean a cool necklace for a guy.  Or a necklace for a cool guy.  Or either one.  Or both.  Of course, we all know who the ultimate cool guy is–but he would never wear a necklace, not even a cool one. 🙁 Whew, I’m glad that’s over.


A Celtic heart pendant.  This is another design I ran across online.  I made two hearts in nickel silver, inverted one, and connected them to a circle with brass wire.  This photo is after I antiqued the entire piece.


Another Triskelion pendant, this one in copper.

What we actually made in class was a pair of Triquetra earrings (with handmade ear wires) and–for those people who still had breath left in them–a Triskelion pendant.  There were about six ladies in class, and for nearly all of them, making the pieces was very challenging.  I probably should have begun with a simpler design to teach wire basics–you really have to get Celtic designs quite symmetrical or they just don’t look right.  But my students stuck with it, and by the end, each had something she was happy with.  Yippee!  Which made me breathe a huge sigh of relief.

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  1. Your Lion says on :

    Lovely, so very delicate and lovely. Oh and the day I wear a necklace is the day ________ fill in the blank /:O) few more days to go here, it’s a roaster out there.

  2. Mimi says on :

    All the pieces are so very nice!

  3. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeee…excellent work & ideas 🙂 luv u/ mom