a rocked-out rocking horse

Posted on October 27th, 2009 by mountain girl  |  4 Comments »

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I’ye been wanting to refinish an older rocking horse for Zia for a while now. The last time we were at Papa and Mimi’s house in NY, I mentioned it to them. The next day, we were out shopping with Mimi, and came home to an awesome surprise…

Papa had been out shoeing horses as usual, walked into a bank to cash a check, and asked the teller, of all people, if she happened to know where he could find an old rocking horse. Lo and behold, this lady was an antique dealer (along with her day job of bank-tellering) and she just happened to have an old rocking horse sitting in her house! Wow! Talk about coincidence! Or, maybe…a God who is actually very interested in the tiny details of our lives? Could it be???

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By the time we got home from shopping and saw Rocky for the first time, Papa had already taken off his broken rockers and fitted him with new ones, filled in his cracks and holes, and sanded him smooth.

DSC01393 copy

After a few good rocking sessions, we packed him into a box and shipped him off to Kansas City…

DSC02341 copy

Where we really rocked him out!

 DSC02332 copy

Here  are Rocky’s after pictures. After the new coats of paint, after the detailing, after coat after coat of triple-thick gloss glaze…

DSC02372 copy

Sharp, eh? This little guy is ready for a rodeo!

DSC02374 copy

Rocky’s not just any old rocking horse. I’m always checking out rocking horses, but I’ve yet to find one with his sweetness, character, and well, just plain spunk! 

DSC02376 copy

He’s got that great 1940’s look in his eye. I really love him.

DSC02386 copy

And so does Zia!

DSC02387 copy

Ride ’em, Cowgirl!

DSC02390 copy

And she’s off to get her hat and spurs…wull I’ll be darned! This sidewalk is kinda wet!

4 Responses to “a rocked-out rocking horse”

  1. Your Lion says on :

    WOWOOWOWOWOOW That is incredible… I forgot how far that ol’ horse has come around!!! Truly amazing!! YOU are wonderfully amazing! Schmoochies Huge!

  2. Michele Delconte says on :

    You did a beautiful job! It looks PERFECT . We really enjoyed the window pics,. too. Mama

  3. Patty says on :

    I have the same rocking horse that my dad made me 60+ years ago! He and my mother did not have extra money, so he copied it from a popular selling item and built it and she painted it! I refinished it for my daughters and now again for my granddaughter! Don’t know if you can see it on Facebook but here’s the link.


  4. mountain girl says on :

    I wish I could see your FB page–I think it’s so cool that your dad made you the same horse! I’m sure your granddaughter will love it–and hopefully pass it down to many more generations.