back home in ny: papa and mimi’s house

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With my camera in the shop, I think I’ll wind up the last couple of posts on our June trip to NY.


While we were at their house, Papa and Mimi were working on a new circle driveway. It’s finished now, but here it is in progress.  Papa did most of the work before we got there, then we all pitched in to help shovel and rake dirt and gravel.


That’s Papa in the straw hat and Mimi in the white shirt. Seth, Jacques, and Kirke are helping rake.


This is after the yard was smoothed out. They planted grass when we finished, so I’m sure it’s a lot greener now.


Papa and Mimi and Kit have laid several brick paths and brick areas around the house. A couple of the paths are great for flying down the hill on little trucks and trikes.


I lived all my teenage years and my 2oth year in this house (when I wasn’t out in the woods or fields). 🙂


Here’s Seth giving Zia and Cash a wheelbarrow ride at the end of the day.


Cash relaxing in a nice warm tub.


And on our last visit, a year earlier, in the same tub. 🙂

Our summer here, by the way, is in full swing. The weather vacillates between 40-ish degree mornings, scorching sun at noon, and soaking afternoon thunderstorms–usually all in the course of a day.  The monsoons are so predictable this time of year that we can plan our day around them.  Even the snow on the higher mountains that surround us is nearly melted because of all the rain.

We’ve been at the rec center down the road almost every morning so Zia can learn to swim, and we take walks or go to the park in the evenings.  David and I shoot baskets down there, and once in a while the ball somehow makes it into the net (not very often).  Summer is going by way too fast, and I’m not looking forward to school starting–in just over 2 weeks!  Caleb is coming home soon–a happy event, but also a signal of the end of summer.

Then again, we’ve still got some time in the sun–so we’re trying to live it up before the snow flies.  Hehee…I never thought I’d live in a place where it seems like snow is just around the corner while it’s still July!

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