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Posted on October 17th, 2014 by mountain girl  |  12 Comments »

Linking up with SouleMama…a moment from our week.


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  1. Lyssa says on :

    Wow! I’ve always wanted to make my own clay pottery. Do these get painted afterward? I want to see the finished project : ) Happy Friday to you!

  2. Lyssa says on :

    Also, I just saw in the sidebar that you’re reading “The Artist’s Way”! If you enjoyed that one, I’d recommend “Bird By Bird” by Ann Lamott and “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg. They’ve been so inspirational!

  3. Yanic says on :

    Oh how fun! I would love to learn how to work with clay. Your mugs are beautiful. šŸ™‚

    I’m celebrating a moment of well deserved me time this week. Feels good to be back at my sewing machine for sure.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. mountain girl says on :

    Yes, we’ll be glazing the mugs…making them has been lots of fun. And my writing mentor recommended the same books, so I guess I need to get reading!

  5. erica says on :

    how wonderful… can’t wait to see the finished product !!

  6. Susanne says on :

    Handmade mugs, just in time for cooler weather. Perfect!

  7. Mimi says on :

    Love those! A really cozy design.

  8. Alison at Sylvan House says on :

    Hi Mia, thanks for popping by! I love those mugs, I want to see them when they’re finished too! Happy weekend to you x

  9. Kim says on :

    How fun! Hope you will share them when they are done. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Wendy McDonagh-Valentine says on :

    Looks like lots of fun. I love the handles!! Have a wonderful weekend!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  11. Shel says on :

    What beautiful mugs!

    Our moment this week comes from our most recent trip to the apple orchard!

    Have a lovely weekend! xo

  12. Robin Follette says on :

    Fun! I’d love to see them finished!

    We had a wedding over the weekend so I’m catching up on moments today. Kristin and Matt were married in a lakeside ceremony.