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We went house hunting this weekend, up a ways north of here.  We aren’t looking for a ranch, but we would like some acreage.  Somehow most of the land we looked at up there housed working ranches with animals–right down to this meaty buffalo.

Cute, right?  Too bad babies grow up.

This house sits right in the middle of the cow pastures.  It smelled just great.

Another ranch.  You got the feeling the houses were kind of extra, and they really spent more time in the barns.

50 acres sounds amazing, but the land just seems so barren.  I think less acreage would be fine if it were more fertile and shielded from the elements.

Most of the houses were really nice, but the whole area fell short in a few different ways.  It was very dry, mostly scrub.  As much as I like rugged, windy terrain miles from civilization, you do have to be practical when you have kids.  They might like to see something other than a rattlesnake once in a while.

This had more trees, but still very dry.  And lots of neighbors in close sight, for having so many acres.

Snow and shade.  Just look at the side of those steps.  Definitely on the northern side of the mountain.

This one had the most forested land, and it seemed like a great house.  Just because of the area, though–dry, ravaged by forest fire, miles of dirt road–we crossed it off our list along with the rest.

Pardon the windshield crack.  Although we didn’t find anything that would work out for us, it was cool to see such a different area than our own. This was a canyon similar to our canyon

but it was lined with high red rock walls.

And I didn’t even know such a large body of water existed in Colorado as this huge Horsetooth Reservoir.  This picture is on its side because I took it with my left hand out the window while nursing.

We were in the car for 8 hours straight by the time we made it back to Boulder for dinner. Coming back was actually a relief–I didn’t realize how beautifully green and shady and moist Boulder is!

More houses to see next weekend…south of here.

3 Responses to “homes on the range”

  1. jodi inkenbrandt says on :

    Such beautiful land, but it does look dry. Hope you guys find what you’re looking for soon!

  2. Lisa Coffee says on :

    I have _so_ much love for Colorado, living there for the last twenty years. I never thought I would leave. And looking at these pictures of your house hunts, I’m reminded again, why we chose to move to a place where it rains, and where there are trees, and where land is affordable. I hope you find your spot in those dry hills, I do! The beauty of the West is undeniable and I will always consider myself a CO girl. From 19 to 39, most of my best years where there, but now I start a new chapter. Love to you guys on your search. ox

  3. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks, Lisa! I love looking at all that green on your blog these days!