autumn’s kiss

Posted on October 27th, 2008 by mountain girl  |  Comments Off on autumn’s kiss

Autumn is my favorite season, with its crisp, fresh air and vibrant burst of radiant colors. I like to think the trees are excited with their new garments, and if you listen, they seem to whisper and chuckle merrily. Yet, in all its splendor, there is a twinge of sadness -a sort of loss- that comes with this cheerful display of exuberance. It’s like spending a day with your best friend, both of you knowing that she is moving hundreds of miles away in just a few weeks. Autumn seems to me the briefest of all seasons – but maybe that only adds to why I like it so much.

Yesterday was a bright, cold day, and we went to Leawood Park to walk with some friends. Zia was in her stroller, having the time of her life, though her little cheeks were pink with sun and wind. It’s fascinating to see nature as you imagine a small child must see it. A daddy longlegs, a fuzzy caterpillar, a ladybug, a cluster of burr acorns – all are incredible inventions, ripe with discovery. They are like microcosms of life itself. Here today, gone tomorrow- like autumn. Like us.


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