fire and rain

Posted on June 28th, 2012 by mountain girl  |  2 Comments »

The season has been incredibly dry here. My hair flies out from my face in strands of static, and everything feels crackly underfoot. I’m sure you’ve heard of the fires that are consuming huge areas of Colorado. Here’s a fire we saw from Boulder the other night–terrifyingly close to home.

We are praying for protection, for the thousands who have been evacuated in Colorado, and for sweet, sweet, rain. Yesterday we had a soaking downpour, the first in a long time. We opened our doors and windows wide, and let it flood the doorways and windowsills.

The dampness was exhilarating and was such a relief from the hot, smoky air. We ran out to the car and went for a drive.

Send more of those sweet, heavenly drops!

2 Responses to “fire and rain”

  1. Hannah says on :

    Praying for Colorado and for you and your family.

  2. jodi says on :

    I’ve been thinking about you guys…and praying! Glad you got a little downpour. I will keep praying for more.