these golden summer days

Posted on August 13th, 2011 by mountain girl  |  3 Comments »

Our days have been full of sun, water, squishy mud, fishing, friends, and picnic lunches.

And ordering school supplies and books and building hydrogen fuel-cell cars and Cuisenaire rod towers.

And reading lots of storybooks, history books, fact books, and one certain young man hogging the library’s microfilm machine for hours on end.

And for me, (unfortunately) lots of doctor’s visits and tests, a few dietary changes, and  finally…starting to feel better after 6 months of being fatigued and sick and losing way too much weight. And as important as it is to be positive and happy and thankful no matter the circumstances, there really is no substitute for actually feeling your health and strength return! Woo-hoo! Thank God!

And this fall, we’ll be in our new home, we’ll dive into the brand-new experience of home schooling, and then winter will come with snow and cold and cozy wood fires.

And we’ll keep on living and loving and learning, and living some more…because life is just that good.

3 Responses to “these golden summer days”

  1. 3 amigos says on :

    hellooooooo – next time take bread for the ducks – they LOVE it and will LOVE u, too 🙂 /mom (we are soooooooo glad u are feeling better; keep it up) luv u/mom & dad

  2. jodi says on :

    I am so so happy to hear that you’re feeling better. I agree…being thankful and happy regardless of circumstances is good, but having your health and strength return…well there’s nothing like it! I’ll keep praying things continue to get better. I love the photos of your life lately…so sweet and what a beautiful place to live!

  3. Antie Patricia says on :

    Mia I’m so glad you are better! The pictures are wonderful. Zia is a cutie pie and mi cielo looks so happy and peaceful. Thank you for taking care of my best boy. Gice him a hug and kiss from autie patricia.