now we’re swingin’

Posted on November 3rd, 2010 by mountain girl  |  4 Comments »

Zia has always been petrified of swings. She would bravely ask to try a baby swing, then shake with fear if I began to move it even a little. Until just the other day, when we were at the big playground watching kids swing. She asked again, and this time she conquered that swing!

Now we go to swing every day. When Dadda comes with us, he does all the pushing.

“Higher! Higher!”

Farther, farther.

No fear here!

Me?  I get to start a new project.

I love it when Dadda comes to the playground.

4 Responses to “now we’re swingin’”

  1. Kate says on :

    You must be one proud mama.

  2. Rae LaShomb says on :

    I didn’t even know you knew how to knit until you sent me dish towels…did you teach yourself? I guess we used to knit scarves, but I didn’t ever learn to knit anything more complicated.

    By the way, the dish clothes work fabulously! We love them.
    I called you to thank you, but just got your voicemail:)

  3. mountain girl says on :

    Hey Auntie Rae! Glad you like the dishrags…just thinking today how we used to knit little things together. I really never knew how to do anything but knit and purl…so I’m teaching myself more now…just something new to do.
    I’ll give you a call as soon as I find your number! 🙂

  4. leah says on :

    go zia! swinging is so exciting. we are proud of you for being so brave.

    when wyatt was a baby he loved to sit in the little swing in the house. but when he got big he would only lay on his belly across a swing. never sit in it. but cassie, on the other hand, she would eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in a swing.