last day of being seven

Posted on July 9th, 2015 by mountain girl  |  2 Comments »


Today is Zia’s last day as a seven-year-old. I still can’t believe she’ll be eight tomorrow! I used to think about when she would be eight, and wonder what she would be like. I had no idea, really.


She’s full of life and drama and her own ideas, and her back is always itchy and she’s usually bored.


Her favorite foods are skinny Mai fun brown rice noodles and lemon meringue pie.


(Isn’t Cash hilarious in these pictures? Obviously we got a box from Mimi yesterday.)


She used to be into My Little Pony and The Little Mermaid and Friends Legos, but she doesn’t know what she likes right now. That’s a good thing, because she’s figuring out who she is.


Today she’s a mustached seven-year-old, tomorrow she’ll be a whole different eight-year-old.


And here she is five years ago today–licking the beater from her birthday cake.

2 Responses to “last day of being seven”

  1. Mimi says on :

    Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow Little Zia! You look great in a goat-ee! Love, Mimi

  2. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeee…So Precious – I miss them very much! Love, mom