jeep peeple

Posted on November 19th, 2010 by mountain girl  |  5 Comments »

We finally went to pick up our new Sahara Jeep Wrangler. It’s Deep Cherry Red, and a really great sparkly color. The 2011’s have the option to have a same-color hard top. I think it slims the body a little and adds a touch of class to an otherwise very rugged vehicle.

The sticker is still in the window:

Whoever this Dave Lucero is, he must really be the man.

And here we have a loyal Mini Cooper lover who became a Jeep girl overnight.

Bye, Mini…we’ve loved riding around in you, and we’ll sure miss your cheery little face.

We’ll also miss our close relationship with potholes and speed bumps.

Hello, mountains and mud holes, rough roads and rivers.

Hello, Jeep!

5 Responses to “jeep peeple”

  1. lauren blake says on :

    sweet ride.. .looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Carlye says on :

    yay for cherry red off-roading vehicles! (my 4runner is that color…love it!) i know the minute i got mine that i was instantly done with riding low to the ground…and so was Lily. 🙂 have fun!!

  3. mountain girl says on :

    I know, Carlye…and it’s nice to be on the same level as other drivers now…(or head and shoulders above, haha!)

  4. 3 amigos says on :

    hi honeeee……………….WOWOWWOWWOWOEEEEEE……BEAUTIFUL 🙂 u have dad drooling AGAIN……….AND crying………have fun (no 4 wheeling) :0 ya right:) luv u guys/mom

  5. Rae LaShomb says on :

    nice rice! this is one of my favorite cars, might just get one some day too!