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Zia has gone from slightly dreading dance last year–“it’s too hard!”–to thoroughly reveling in it. She brings gifts from her stash for select friends, wears just the right clothes (down to inside-out socks) and insists the teacher call her Pippi.

We all go with her to our little community center and wait outside her classroom.  Caleb’s best friend also has a little sister in dance, so the guys hang out and play basketball in the gym.  David and I wait with Cash and try not to get swept away in the local gossip.  And let me tell you, a lot can happen in a town of 1450 folks just since last week.

Zia’s best friend in town (at the moment) is Ella.  Ella is a sweet tomboy without a shred of manipulative, girly-girl-ness in her body.  I appreciate that, now more than ever since the five-year old stage has begun in all it’s social drama.  There have been more tears shed over best friends and longed-for best friends than I ever thought possible.  For sure, more than I ever had in my own beautifully simple childhood.

I have to admit, the tearfulness has a way of going straight to my heart.  David balances me out by laughing off what I stress over.  Daddas have a way of seeing right through the drama, while mammas (at least this one) get completely pulled into it.

A play date with Ella today (the first ever without me!) and rinsable hot pink hair streaks were the follow-up to last night’s dance class.  Also a very dramatic weeping session on the way home over a gift from Ella, left in the dance room.

To herself: “Oh, Ella! Ella! I am so sorry! I lost the jewel you gave me!”

Ah, girl stuff. And I know it’s only just begun.

Thanks, Granny, for all little accessories: necklace, sticker earrings, rings, fake nails, lip gloss, crown.  They are a source of pure delight!

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  1. Melissa says on :

    I don’t recall there being a lot of girl drama when I was little….as the teen years approached, there was a bit more, but I’ve never really been one for the gossip and drama, so I tried to stay out of it as much as I could. Your ballerina looks so pretty decked out in all her finery!