first dance class

Posted on August 6th, 2011 by mountain girl  |  3 Comments »

Zia went to her first dance class with her friend Catherine. She loved it, but unfortunately, it will be a little far from our new place. I’m sure we can find something closer to Boulder, now that I know she’s hep on the dancing thing.

She picked out her outfit, as you probably guessed. (I managed to confiscate the fairy wings from her at the beginning of class.)

It was hilarious to watch them all struggling to get their little feet into first position. As a kid, I was never the ballerina/dancing princess type…but I’m glad Zia’s a girly-girl. Actually, she’s kind of an everything girl, from cowgirl to fairy to indian princess. And I love that about her.

3 Responses to “first dance class”

  1. mimi says on :

    Hey, the teacher’s hair! Love the pics. Papa and I are listening to the Yankee’s game. After raising 11 kids, this is what we do sometimes. Mimi

  2. Allison says on :

    I love that she is an everything girl, too. I think it’s great she has parents that are creative and active and allow all of these opportunities for her. Keep it up! Sounds like you two are doing a great job.

  3. jodi says on :

    She is so cute! I love that she is wearing two princess crowns. So sweet! She seems like an everything girl!