a trip to new mexico and a new truck

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Last week David went to New Mexico to build a rail for his parents’ very scary haunted porch. That’s his cute mom peeking out the door.  We all would have liked to go, but, you know–we have goats.  And, oh yeah–kids who go to school, too.


Here’s David’s dad, working on the rail.  (We know you’re posing, PomPom.)


Such a poser. (Like I’m not in that top picture with the truck, haha. I took that of myself.)  Actually, he’s probably really working hard.  Of course he is.


Here’s the finished rail.  I think it looks awesome, and it will be nice for winter. (Do steps get icy in New Mexico?)


David rented a pickup truck to drive to NM, and he really liked it.  He’s been wanting to trade in our 4Runner for something with a warranty, and we decided a truck would be nice for hauling hay, pulling fallen trees, etc.  We went looking at trucks Friday, and on Saturday night we made a trade. It’s a Ford F-150 with off-road capabilities, in Guard Metallic (which is a gray-green).  Just FYI: we saved about $6500 just by using our Costco member discount. Woo-hoo!


This is our lovely and not-very-dirty 4Runner at the Ford dealership when we traded it in.


Here’s me–sprinting, for some reason.  I’m probably just happy.  And scared–this truck is huge.  When we got our 4Runner, I thought it was a monster, and it took me a while to get used to it. This truck dwarfs the 4Runner, and won’t even fit in the garage, LOL.  But it is so much fun to drive, even though I make David crazy because I want to check behind me when I back up, instead of trusting the backup camera screen on the dash, haha.

When we test drove the truck, Cash sat in front with us and moped. We asked him what was wrong, and he blurted out, “I just want to drive but you won’t let me!” He is still kind of bugged about that, hah.  He looks tiny sitting up there, so it’s hilarious to think of him driving.


The truck is super cozy with all of us inside and has plenty of leg room for the kids in back.  It’s nice to have the truck bed separate for groceries, hay, goats, etc., instead of putting everything inside.  And it’s actually pretty easy to drive–it turns on a dime, and it has a ton of power.  I no longer have to floor it to try to climb a hill–it takes our steep driveway like nothing, and I think it’ll be great in slush and snow.  I’m really glad to be heading into our next Colorado winter with it.


Happy trails, y’all.

4 Responses to “a trip to new mexico and a new truck”

  1. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeee…. The truck is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Love the color and it is huge for those growing lil ones…Cashey is talking so much! Enjoy the truck and thanks to DL for the rail – it is a knee saver!! Everyone really likes it- (neighbors). Now I can start looking for cement paint (that looks kinda like rock) for the porch, but that won’t be til Spring, but at least we got ALL our other projects done, I think 🙂 anyway, very happy. Oh, and now we start basketball….luv u/mom

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Hi Mom,
    Glad you like the truck and the rail…glad you got so much done on the house this fall! Have fun with basketball. 😉

  3. Michele says on :

    Papa and I just saw the pics and we love the truck color, too! The new black rail looks really nice at Lisa and Larry’s – I like the way it is configured. We just got our fall stuff done ,too…things are put away and today we’re bracing ourselves for the left over “Patricia” hurricane winds that should also bring a big downpour. What a nice truck for everyone!

  4. mountain girl says on :

    Patricia sounds fierce…batten down those hatches!