kitchen remodel!

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Hi there! We finally did our kitchen remodel, and–ta-da–here are the pics.


Here is our Before kitchen. It was great, except for the laminate blue-gray counter tops and scummy chrome sink. David pulled out the dishwasher and set a new cabinet in (you can see it didn’t quite fit before removing the old counter top).


The glorious sink. To be honest, I cleaned up this photo in Photoshop quite a bit before uploading. It was just too gross.


Here is the small counter top/cupboard.


And here is the stove island/bar, which David pulled out ten inches to add some counter space.


The demolisher guy came Friday morning and ripped out the counters. We bid our old sink a happy farewell. Even ripped up, the kitchen actually looked better than it had with the old counters, haha.


The installers came around 2:45 and worked till 8:00 pm. We ran into a few glitches (a missing piece of backsplash, a 2″ piece of granite that chipped off, a faucet hole drilled too far back to fit, etc.) but in the end it all turned out fine. The installers were pretty young and by the end they just wanted to leave (to go gamble at the casinos, LOL). We had to kind of push for things to be done right and bribe them with hamburgers, and they stayed to see the job through.



David and I stayed up for quite a while after they left, just looking at our kitchen together. It is so much more beautiful than we ever imagined, and we can hardly believe this is our kitchen. It was really hard to choose the counter tops based on a tiny sample square, but we actually love what we chose.

For the sink area counter we picked out a black quartz. It makes the whole counter recede beautifully into the background and adds a sharp, clean look–and it really pops the natural cabinets.  We chose a large undermount hammered copper sink (since we couldn’t find a smooth one) which came with an oiled bronze faucet and soap dispenser. We are still waiting on a strainer basket–we have a chrome one for now, since the matching oiled bronze strainer is $85, LOL.  Hopefully the manufacturer will graciously send us one to take the place of the garbage disposal that came with the sink, which we won’t use.

The small counter and stove island are an off-white granite with warm tones, grays, and bits of deep garnet running through it. It opens up the whole kitchen and contrasts beautifully with the rustic wood and stonework in the rest of the house. It still amazes me that they sliced that piece of granite right out of the earth–one wild little slab of God’s handiwork.

Our plumber came yesterday morning and hooked up the pipes, and (except for minor details like a toe kick) our kitchen is finished.  Here are the pics–hope you enjoy them!











It’s already turning into a nice, homey, lived-in kitchen–complete with a few dirty dishes in the sink. 🙂

7 Responses to “kitchen remodel!”

  1. Rae says on :

    Hey Mia, the kitchen looks awesome! I love how the black countertops tie in the black cabinets, and the sink is really sweet!!

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks Auntie Rae! 😉

  3. Kim says on :

    Wow, it looks great!

  4. Karen says on :

    It turned out beautifully. I like it when the island is different than the rest of the cabinets — love the choices you made.

    Just wondering, will you be teaching the class on the wire pendant, I think it’s called Tree of Life again? I think it was part of the series you taught earlier this year.

  5. Mimi says on :

    The kitchen really did turn out beautifully, Mia! I do love the differences in the small counters and the long counter and I love the sink! What a pleasure to wake up to that every morning! So quality! It all works together very nicely.

  6. Granny says on :

    I absolutely love your new kitchen. It is beautiful and comfortable looking. Great job guys. ENJOY!!!!

  7. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeee….it all looks very beautiful; bright and airy – I love the stove- Good Job/ luv u/ mom