cheeseburger or layer cake????

Posted on October 21st, 2008 by mountain girl  |  Comments Off on cheeseburger or layer cake????


Neither, actually. This is a lovely creation of mine- one of 4- that took several months to reach the complex stage that you see here. It’s a Kombucha SCOBY,  a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. Otherwise known as the mother, or, affectionately, Mommy.

I’m brewing a fresh batch of Kombucha tea. Kombucha is a dee-lish fizzy and refreshing probiotic drink with a myriad of health benefits. For a starter, it has been known to cure several “incurable” illnesses, help with digestion, populate the colon with healthy bacteria, regrow baldness, and turn gray hair back to it’s original youthful color – no joke. (Go here for a great Kombucha site. Their 7-day course is great for learning the basics of brewing K-tea).

So I strained my finished tea off of SCOBY, poured in a fresh batch of organic sweet tea, plopped mom back in, and poured a little of the finished tea back on top. Put it in the cupboard with its 3 twin sisters for a month, and then I’ll tackle the whole process over again. Of course, the batches are staggered, so I do one of the 4 about every week. You can flavor it, too, but that’s another story- for another day.

Here’s the new batch. Can you see the lovely fizz already working it’s magic on top?

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