welcome home, valentine!

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We brought Zia’s little goat home yesterday!


A last romp with her mama, Tsunami. Neither one of them cried for each other when they parted. Her mama is a feisty little thing, as you might be able to see from this picture. She was probably thinking, Good riddance.  Jk, but I think I am getting over this dread of weaning goat children. They actually are just a little different than humans. 🙂


Valentine is an African Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf mix. Dwarves are a bit finer boned than pygmies and are considered a dairy goat, while pygmies are considered more of a pet/4-H/meat breed.  Both are tiny.


Getting ready to take her home!


Zia rode with her in the back, since she is very calm and cuddly.  So is the goat. 😉 Actually, Zia is not that calm, but she is cuddly.



Welcome to the mountains, little goat.  She’s from the foothills, where the temperature is at least 20 degrees warmer all the time.


Pippa put up quite a fuss when we arrived, and has spent every waking moment teaching this new little creature exactly who is Queen of this mountain. Pierogi, on the other hand, was thrilled to have a little goat friend for the first time in his life.



See Mom?  She’s not so bad.


Goat in the house!


We made Valentine a little place to sleep on the stairs, but it turned out she missed goat company and preferred taking her chances with Pippa’s horns, so we let her sleep in the shed.


Valentine is now allowed to sleep within a few feet of Pippa and her child. Pierogi is very spoiled and gets the best seat in the house.


Welcome to the herd, kid!

4 Responses to “welcome home, valentine!”

  1. Mom & Dad says on :

    hi honeeee…. thankx – these pix are so precious 🙂 luv u / mom

  2. mountain girl says on :

    You’re welcome, Mom!

  3. appleshoe says on :

    awe, she’s a doll… The goat is cute too 😉
    what a special Valentine’s day gift. Be well.

  4. carlin says on :

    She is so adorable, your little girl must be so happy. Love the name.