window wizards

Posted on October 7th, 2009 by mountain girl  |  Comments Off on window wizards

Well, the window guys finally arrived. Pulling in a bit late, dressed in old hats, T-shirts and jeans, they hopped out of an unmarked truck pulling a trailer loaded with a jumble of tools and windows. David and I gulped and glanced at each other as they tramped in, pushed and pried at the windows, and muttered about how they’d “be a bear to get out of there”.

I had pictured a Home Depot truck with workers in uniform or at least a hat or badge or some form of ID! But our guys seemed to look more like Horace and Jasper from 101 Dalmations, or hey, maybe like Harry and Marv from Home Alone! 

I wish I had thought to have them pose for a mug shot!

Rough as they were, though, they proved to know their business quite well.


I watched in wonder as they hammered out the old panes, glass smashing everywhere. Without safety goggles or even gloves, they jumped in and out of windows, Sawzalls tearing in all directions, ripping out glass-sharded metal with their bare hands. Ow! I don’t know if that’s manly bravery or pure stupidity (but I tend to think the latter)!


Then they popped in the new windows -sparkling, clean, white, and trimmed in vinyl. Insulation was stuffed around them and white caulking sealed them up tight. Yay!

Oh, they’re lovely. And oh, it’s so warm in here as I write! Love these windows!

Final pics to come…of our brand new peepers! Woo-hoo!

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