warm, sunny, and delicioso

Posted on May 11th, 2009 by mountain girl  |  Comments Off on warm, sunny, and delicioso

Here I am, sitting in an adobe in sunny New Mexico, eating dee-lish leftover tilapia tacos with black beans and blue corn tortillas. Mmmmm! I also had a Santa Fe kombucha for the first time. I tried Indigo flavor, a mixture of blackberry, blueberry, and pomegranate. Delish, but sweeter than other kombucha I’ve had. I prefer the less sweet kind.

Mother’s Day was lovely and delish, with the amazing fruity bouquet Grandma ordered here for the mothers in the house! Thanks, Mom!

Grandma Cindy back in KC also made it extra special with a present for Mamma…a little petunia potted with care…by Zia. I found that it’s very touching to get a present that your baby helped make for you.

Anyway, we flew into Albuquerque Friday, then drove to Santa Fe. On the way, we passed a wild sight on the highway: a flaming car!

Super exciting, and I don’t think anyone was hurt.

Zia, although a little tired and sunkissed, has been having a blast getting to know her Grandma and Grandpa and cousin Makayla, and just running wild like a little strawberry.

She also got to hang out with her big brother Caleb.

Dadda has been basking in the sun like a giant iguana…and of course, working hard to impress his kids.

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