three four

Posted on July 14th, 2009 by mountain girl  |  Comments Off on three four


Inevitably, my birthday has rolled around again. Somehow, turning 34 is not quite as exciting as my little girl turning two, but in its own way, it’s still kind of fun.

I didn’t want a party or anything, but I did want to be somewhere pretty on my birthday. So off went the three of us to one of Zia’s and my favorite hangouts: Kauffman Memorial Gardens. 

If I were to rate pretty places in Kansas City, Kauffman Gardens would be close to the top of my list. It’s really beautiful, with brick paths, stone walls, arched gates, sculptured shrubs, and lots and lots of amazing flowers. 

But truthfully, that’s not the real reason I wanted to go. Actually I was hoping to find something there, or should I say, find someone there. The awful truth is that Mr. Lion, affectionately known as “Roary”, has disappeared. And the last place I think I saw him was here, at Kauffman Gardens. I was trying to keep him from being tossed joyfully into the reflecting pool.

Sadly, we didn’t find him, and no one seems to have seen him. Maybe he’ll turn up under a couch cushion (isn’t that where lost things are usually found?) or somewhere else. Someone cute is holding up valiently in the face of this disaster, with only an occasional whimpery plea for “Roary”. It’s very sad, but I think it’s harder on me than her.

Even so, my birthday was a happy one, surrounded by flowers, and both of my very favorite people.


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