the ongoing saga of Vita-Mix

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Things got a little wild in the kitchen last night.

peculiar purple porridge

Around 5 pm I finished blending the peculiar purple porridge, and poured it into my Yogourmet for several hours of fermentation (I usually let it go for 8-14 hours to make sure I build up a nice population of happy healthy critters). Half-past midnight as I was about to hop into bed with my sleeping babes, I had the remarkably bright idea to check on yogo.

I lifted the top of the yogurt maker, and…..WOW! What a crop! It looked like Mount Vesuvius had erupted again! (This time in a cultured society.)

Mount Vesuvius activity

Mount Vesuvius activity

Needless to say, I didn’t get to bed right away, but in the end I had another successful batch of beet breakfasts tucked safely into their tupperware homes.

Cinnamon Ginger Maca Almond Kefir Revisited

Well, David’s feelings towards yesterday’s kefir concoction weren’t as warm as mine. There go my visions of us cozily sipping  warm kefir in our jams in the morning, Zia playing happily beside her kefir bottle. He’s just not the kefir type. Or the maca type, or the almond type, or the ginger type, or the stevia type. He MIGHT eat cinnamon if it were mixed with enough sugar and sprinkled on some deep-fried, white-flour-filled pastry. He’s more of a Dr. Thunder guy, I guess. He just really enjoys drinking from PVC-inhabited plastic bottles filled with tooth-decaying, body-aging chemicals manufactured by multi-billion-dollar industries.

So I had to drink mug #2 myself. And mug #3, and later I’ll probably drink mug #4, because today I made the stuff again- only this time with the addition of a small chunk of a huge freshly-baked pumpkin, hot from my oven. It was even better.

Sprout Cookies

One last moment of fame for Vitey: a batch of sprout cookies.

I’ve been sprouting a bowl of quinoa (an ancient superfood grain the Incas used to eat) in the pantry for a few days, and I noticed their tails were really getting long. So I thought, what should I do with my little tadpoles? Hmm….I haven’t made sprout cookies in a while.

So I dumped the whole bowl straight into Vitey, popped on her black rubber top, and flipped the switch. I had to use my tamper to push the quinoa down into the blade. The tamper is a very useful tool that came with Vitey. It really looks more like a light saber, or you could call it a vite-saber. It really is a life-saver.

In a few seconds, my tadpoles were creamed. I dropped the batter by spoonfuls onto my pizza stone and put them in the oven on Warm, the lowest temperature. (It would be nice if they told you how warm is warm, especially if you’re a live-enzyme-conscious person like myself. But no, warm is simply Warm.) I “warmed” them for about an hour and a half, till they looked very much like cookies (though I’m sure David wouldn’t see much similarity.) And then Zia and I each had one. They were pretty good, though I ended up eating most of Zia’s, too….what she didn’t fling to the floor after the first bite. They must be an acquired taste for babies.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my report on the joys of owning a Vita-Mix. Feel free to leave a comment on any of my posts; I’d be interested in hearing what you think of my writings.

Also, If your tastebuds are more conservative in nature, I want to assure you that there are many Vita-Mix owners who make very self-respecting mixtures that would be quite acceptable to the general public.

I just like to have a little more fun than that.

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  1. Your Lion says on :

    Great review on that mixing beast! Thanks for the props you gave me… Dr. Thunder is dee-lish! I love your blog!! Schmoochies! /:O) ROAR!