the house that dadda built

Posted on May 24th, 2009 by mountain girl  |  1 Comment »


Here is the little house David built for Zia earlier this month. She had a blast “helping” him. I caught her sitting in the box of materials, screw firmly inserted in place -in her mouth, of course, just like Dadda- ratcheting away. I probably should have snatched the screw like any conscientious mother would…but she was just too cute.

He’s pretty cute too, come to think of it.





Now here’s the house alongside today’s lovely makeshift clothesline…a sight that makes me sigh with joy. There’s just something about different colors of cloth strung out in the air that I love. 



But what’s that in the background? Ta-da! A sneak preview of OUR NEW FENCE! 

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  1. mom says on :

    HELLO 3 AMIGOS: what beautiful pictures 🙂 WE MISS U SO MUCH ALREADY, TOO:) we are so glad to have had such a fun time with u and the fence looks really neet! I think when the guy made ours, he made a “Z” (of course) then filled it in – made it look pretty easy (yah)! thanks for the pix – we are very happy we got to see our Grandbabies before they get too old 🙂 Makayla is making jewelry and this weekend is VERY HAPPY ! YAYAYAYA Grandma MiMi and Grandpa will be so happy to see lil Zia soon – they will enjoy her very much! (she is soooooo smart and cute and funny :)! luv u guys/from 3 amigos in Santa Fe