steppin’ into a brand new year

Posted on January 1st, 2009 by mountain girl  |  1 Comment »

  New shoes!


Thanks, of course, to a very patient and loving guy, who drove all over town and entertained Angel Girl while I went through the long and grueling selection process. And he then then heroically endured the inevitable return of the first pair and waited while I tried on nearly every other pair in the store…only to finally pick the exact same ones I returned, only in a different color. But, of course, I’m much happier now that I know I’ve exhausted every other possibility. Just one of the many interesting characteristics that make me me, I suppose.

So, happy New Year, happy New Shoes Day….and happy 49-Month-Anniversary to my rockin’, shoe-buying, baby-slinging man!

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  1. Nic says on :

    That shoe looks familiar… nice color!