st. louie part III: meet me at the zoo

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The St. Louis Zoo is, in my humble opinion, one of the nation’s best zoos. Apparently, it’s more than one girl’s opinion. Wikipedia says about the St. Lou Zoo, “It is recognized as a leading zoo in animal management, research, conservation, and education.” And, in my humble opinion, it’s also just a very fun place.

Of course, to me all zoos have one unpleasant quality: the captivity of things meant to roam free. But then, our children’s schools also hold that quality.

Here are a few interesting characters that caught my eye:


 A billy goat gruff pitifully begging for a treat


A forlorn zebra


A Bactrian camel that couldn’t stop yawning


 A massive turtle


Something scary from the Amazon jungle


I thought for SURE this was a statue…until David convinced me by pointing out that its nostrils were moving as it breathed


 A real, live Baa- much to Zia’s delight!


The Children’s Zoo

The Children’s Zoo is a really fun hands-on part of the St. Louis Zoo. Zia was super timid at first and wouldn’t even touch the hamsters or turtles. But by the end, she was very brave and made friends with everything within reach. She especially loved the goats, and was so enamored by one goat’s wagging tail that she accidentally grabbed the “do not touch” area while trying to catch his tail! Here are some shots with her new friends.






 Dadda had to help with petting this turtle…it was just toooo scary!


Zia wasn’t much taller than this Canada goose, but she was determined to capture it


Our girl checking out the sights astride her Dadda

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  1. 3 Amigos says on :

    hello………………….we loved the pictures and the scary one from the Amazon – well!!! – 🙂 the bebee is SOOOO cute and getting soooo big – we’re not sure who she looks like, now – she has changed a lot! i think she still has some of K-bob though 🙂 St. Louis is beautiful – thanks for the pictures and Mia’s stories are delightful 🙂 luv u/MOM