frog days

Posted on April 2nd, 2009 by mountain girl  |  3 Comments »

Today was one of those strange and (thankfully) infrequent days when I’ve just been kind of down on myself all day. Part of it was the dark rainy dampness of the weather, part of it was not getting out of the house till the end of the day, and part of it was not creating enough at all in the way of art today.


So to cheer me up, here is a nice froggy pic of me:



And here are a few happy thoughts to help out as well:

It’s Zia’s Grandma Lucero’s birthday! So Zia was breaking out in song all day: “Happ-Bee-Day” -on the potty, mid-nursing, reading the book Grandma gave her- anytime she happened to remember Grandma’s “Bee-day”. She has the sweetest little voice.

Which makes me think of her high-pitched little voice today asking for some of Dadda’s hot salsa: “Shalza? Shalza?” She always loves all Dadda food. Mamma food? Sometimes.

Which reminds me of another happy thought: all the lovely things I have fermenting in my kitchen. Right now (besides 12 gallons of kombucha tea in various stages of growth in the pantry) there’s a large jar of frothy banana-blueberry-pineapple kefir; 2 jars of plain kefir; 2 jars of dee-lish tangy creamy almond butter made with sprouted almonds, sea salt, and a little agave nectar; a jar of rejuvalac (my first try at making it); a gallon of rainbow-colored bubbling papaya chutney (which has now become one of my digestive staples of life); a tupperware of raw oatmeal soaking in fresh whey (to break down the nutrient-blocking phytic acid found in grains), and a green salad marinating in a tangy dressing I made of fresh pumpkin seed milk, lime, kombucha, papaya brine and a few other interesting ingredients. The salad, like everything else I mentioned, will be literally breathing on it’s own by morning, it’ll be so full of enzymes, flavor and pure joie de vivre! Now there’s a happy thought if ever I’ve had one. I also have a large colander full of sprouting spelt berries in the pantry, some fresh raw homemade cheese in the fridge, and a peppermill of fresh papaya-seed “peppercorns” I just harvested last night. Did you know you can make pepper out of papaya seeds? They are chock-full of live enzymes, so I dehydrated them at 115 degrees so as not to kill them. They are quite peppery (and a little bitter). Very interesting flavor.

Yeah, I’m wierd.

Did I forget to mention the buckwheat-flaxmeal-coconut oil-pumpkin seed milk-raw honey mixture that’s fermenting on the kitchen shelf? Should be just about perfect by breakfast time tomorrow. Yup, I really eat this stuff, and nope, it hasn’t killed me yet. Actually, I’ve never felt better.

Okay, on to another happy thought: I have 91 little tomato plants that have sprouted and are waving their happy little antlers at me. I give them each a little kiss every morning and read them a bedtime story every night…ok, maybe that’s a stretch. David DOES, though- honest! I’m beginning to get a little jealous, he looks at them with such tender adoration. Well, that was supposed to be a happy thought…

But here is a really happy thought. This is probably the best yet…no drooling, girls. Waiting for me in bed right now is a good solid chest to crash my tousled and frog-topped head on, and a good strong pair of arms waiting to wrap around me.

With that, good night.

3 Responses to “frog days”

  1. Your Lion says on :

    Hmmm and I was all excited about my new Neopolitan Ice Cream Sandwiches! I love the frog hat pic, you look strikingly beautiful! Schmoochies abound! Your Lion

  2. Mimi says on :

    The frog hat is so you……all the new pics are wonderful…… Farmer David looks very authentic there (in the crop pic)….and of course there aren’t words for baby Zia. I’ve got Wingman on my right and Kirke on my left -Papa way back there by the woodstove not missing any of this! Tell our David I’ll be sending out his b-day mail on Monday….I’m late getting it out because I had to go to the Adirondacks last minute to help Trishy. I hope he has a great birthday! Mimi

  3. mountain girl says on :


    Glad you liked the pics- you can see how Zia loves to make us laugh with her poses and big smiles- especially for the camera! Maybe she is becoming more like her Mimi every day?