fleecy trappings

Posted on January 3rd, 2009 by mountain girl  |  1 Comment »


My friend Nichola from back east stayed with us from December 23rd till New Year’s Day. It was super cool to spend some time with her again. We met in college and then worked together in upstate NY at an ABC House.



Here’s Nichola modeling her newly crafted fleece scarf, which was a gift from…moi. As you can probably tell, it was an extra cold day, so she also donned Zia’s fleece hat…which, wonder of wonders, perfectly matched the scarf.


While we’re on the subject of fleece, here’s a little poncho I made for Cindy. I don’t have a picture of it being modeled, but at least you get the idea. The poncho is reversible.



 The poncho, as well as a few other miscellany handmade things are below. The photo is poor quality, since I shot it in a dark room, but can you tell that the colored paper wrappings are SEWN shut?? Sweet, huh?



And yet another fleece product: a little red jacket I made for myself a while ago from a scrap I found in my closet. Nice and warm and comfy!





I also made 2 fleece hats for David, but it seems he’s always out wearing them and I haven’t been able to get pictures yet. That’s a good reason to have, right? I’ll post some pics of the hats later.

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  1. Nichola says on :

    I like the design of the scarf…. Thanks Mia! My first hand-made scarf.

    Your clothing styles are very unique… I love the jackets. You work are beautiful… You are very talented and I must say artistic too.