first hops

Posted on December 12th, 2008 by mountain girl  |  2 Comments »

New froggie pants for my frogwoman.

Oops, I just noticed all the frogs are upside-down!

Oh well, at least they’re right-side-up from her view.

And yes, it’s true….

….last night, wearing her frog pants, the frog princess took her very first steps!

 (The pumpkin hat goes without saying. She always wears that!)

She was thrilled…..

…and so were we!

She even seemed to like falling down!

Have you ever in your life seen anything cuter on two feet?

2 Responses to “first hops”

  1. Sarah says on :

    Beautiful! :o) So much joy in the little faces. Just gives ya a “happy heart”.

  2. Michele Delconte says on :

    This is her Mimi speaking…….the boys and I have been going over every photo – watching you enjoy your lives out there!! Papa cut wood today lookin’ mighty handsome in his neon orange cap, vest and chaps – still hunting season here…….Mama