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I know I said I’d post beetle kill art this time, but I’m going to save it for later–this is too exciting to wait! (Not that beetle kill isn’t exciting, LOL.)  When we bought our home, there were a few small unfinished parts, such as the uncovered jacks at the bottom of the support posts.  There was also a 1/2″ channel in the floors between the kitchen and living room, but David recently put in the floor transition pieces you can see above.  No more gap filled with crumbs and beads and spilled juice, poor us. Haha.


Log homes have jacks so you can adjust them every few years due to the house shifting.  We’ve been wanting to make ours more aesthetic, and yesterday we finally did. 🙂


We found a sheet of copper at Atlas Metals in Denver. David priced it out beforehand, and if we had ordered the custom-cut, hand-hammered copper made especially for post wraps, it would have cost us over $400.  We paid $100 for this sheet, and used a lot less than half of it. I get the rest for jewelry making–yay!  David cut the copper, he and I hammered it by hand, and he wrapped and screwed the posts.





We really love the way they turned out.  Every aspect of our house has texture, so the hammered copper fits right in and adds a dimension of brightness.  Hammering the copper was the most time-intensive part, but it was also really fun, and both Caleb and Cash tried their hand at it.  (Zia has her nose in a book these days and barely looked up.)



We also got snow last night, and it feels like we went from summer to winter in two days.  Monday was one of those strip-off-your-clothes, sit-on-the-porch, and soak-in-the-sun kind of days (not me–I just heard about it when I got home).  That’s how you know you’re far enough from your neighbors–or more accurately, that’s how you know you you’re a hillbilly.

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  1. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeee…..Good Job!!!!! Looks very nice :). Luv u mom 🙂

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks Mom!

  3. Michele says on :

    Nice! Love how they shimmer onto the floors and it’s so creative and unexpected to see something gleamy in a low position! Love it!