blue kitty

Posted on April 4th, 2009 by mountain girl  |  3 Comments »


New blue kitty! I really love the fact that she’s blue.





Zia fell in love with her at the point that I showed her how to put stuffing inside. She seemed blown away when the kitty began to fill out and take shape before her very eyes!


 We went to Costco for groceries and kept working on the kitty as we drove in the car. By the time we got there, the upper body was finished- but open, and you could see all the stuffing from underneath. There were no legs yet, but Zia insisted on lovingly carrying Kitty Torso around Costco, patting, rocking, and of course, nursing her.


Here’s finished kitty, along with her new hand-sewn shirt:







And here’s Blue Kitty’s happy owner, who has given her a place of utmost honor, previously occupied only by Roar (her lion). Now Kitty has to be there for naps, stories, nursing, bedtime (and all night long), feeding in the highchair, walks, and sometimes even going potty. I think Kitty is so special to Zia because she saw and helped with the creation of her.







Kitty kisses!

3 Responses to “blue kitty”

  1. 3 Amigos says on :

    HELLO00000000000 ok that was really NEAT and FUNNY and BEAUTIFUL and we said OOOOOOHHHHHHHH at the snow and yes, david is eating too much roast(s) 🙂 can Makayla have a little kitty, too ?:) let me know “K”?…
    now after laffing off the chair we have to go to work; so will talk to u later LUV U ALL AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HITO:) GIVE BEBEE KISS FOR US :)/mom & dad 🙂

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Haha…maybe you can get David to be a vegetarian? Yes, the snow is CRAZY but Zia loved it! Of course Makayla can have a kitty! What color does she like? Zia and I will have fun making it! Love you!

  3. 3 Amigos says on :

    hi honey…………….yup, a little vegetarian…………..:) he’s eating too much meat by HIMSELF:- any color will do 🙂 – u pick and thanks i know she will love it 🙂 something is wrong is my GOOGLE – please let david know; the computer whiz 🙂 i can’t access my e-mail, but your msg came up on your blog – have a nice day and give bebee a kiss for us/luv/MOM