baa jammies

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lambie jammies in flannel and cotton baby interlock

A new pair of jams for Zia….hot off the press.

For the pants, I had a pattern – just 1 piece, cut 4x for legs. Super simple, so why reinvent the wheel? But I couldn’t find a pattern I liked for the top, so I invented this one by trial and error. I made the pattern AFTER the jams were done, which is the story of my life. So now I can make a million more cookie-cutter tops and bottoms, but of course, there’s no fun in that. Knowing me, I’ll tweak something or another to make the next ones different – and more difficult.

I was pretty delighted when I finally got these to fit her right. The sleeve cuffs were what I agonized over the longest, but when I finally got the science of how to curve the shape to make that perfect puckery flare, it was well worth it. On second thought, maybe I will make an identical pair, now that I remember the frustration of working that curve out!

a bitty button fastens the back

a bitty button fastens the back

When I showed them to her, she gave a resounding “BAA-AA-AAAA!”

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  1. Mom says on :

    Hi honey……..pretty dress and pretty jammies for the little honey 🙂 My aunt Tillie, Grandma Marian, and (I – used to sew). Gives me good memories of times past! 🙂 Love u/MOM