the measure of His love

Posted on March 1st, 2011 by mountain girl  |  6 Comments »

The tactile, earthy nature of me is forever searching desperately for a way to measure the things I cannot measure.

How close is God to me? How much does He really love me? And just what does He really take note of in my life?

Strangely, it’s the tiniest tokens of His love that capture me the strongest. I suppose that’s because, most of the time, the huge tokens of God that continually surround me are too close, too big for me to comprehend. He is closer than my skin, closer than my breath. And so I look right at Him, and still I miss Him.

Surfing around online a while ago, I ran across a little spot called Cooking with my Kid. They were hosting a giveaway for a set of 6 measuring cups shaped like little Russian nesting dolls. I’ve had my eye on those cups for a while, and was delighted, to say the least, to see them offered. As I left my comment among so many dozens of others for a chance to win, I said without really thinking about it, “Hey, I’d love to have these. You know, You could always give them to me if You want to…”

And I guess He did want to, because I won them.

Such a little thing, but so big to me. Because He heard my whisper, and cared enough to answer it. Such a tiny thing, but He did it just because He wanted to, with no reason but to show me just how close He is.

Now when I look at my measuring cups, I see His purity, His trinity, His smile.Ā  And so much bigger than these tiny cups – but just as real, touchable, and tactile – I see the measure of His love.

6 Responses to “the measure of His love”

  1. lauren blake says on :

    what a sweet kiss from the Lord.

  2. Tracy Martin says on :

    I love how God shows his love in the most simple and yet amazing ways. God is so AWESOME!

  3. Allison says on :

    Something similar happened to me just over a year ago. I won a pair of 2010 Canada Olympic Games mittens by simply posting a few facts about Canada on a blog of the person running the giveaway. Winning the mittens meant a lot to me. (I’m a big fan of Canada) They were a sweet gift.

  4. Caroline Fuerte says on :

    loved it Mia. it is true that He is so present in the things that, when we try to explain them to others, sound a little bit silly, but have such a profound effect on us.

    I wanted to let you know that we have officially taken the pull ups off of Cath, and so are staying home until she masters the potty!! we missed seeing you on Tuesday, but hopefully will be back in action again next week šŸ™‚

  5. mountain girl says on :

    We’ll be looking forward to seeing you again soon. Congrats to Catherine!

  6. Maeret says on :

    great story… I can really appreciate the tactile nature of comprehending God’s love. It was lovely seeing you and Zia when we were in town šŸ™‚ Good times…