of beach girls and bikers boys

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A few days ago, I took the kids to the lake. Caleb fished awhile, then we hit the beach for a couple of hours.

That girl loves a good crowd. Her mamma? Not so much.

But I had a ball anyway – of yarn. Although I am rarely a sunbathing beach babe, I am always a beach-knitting babe.

When we got home, David was ready to head for the hills.

Up in the mountains about an hour from where we live, we drove up a long, windy dirt driveway to a house at the top, where a man had an ’85 motorbike for sale. David tried it out first.

He’s super cute in that helmet, hey?

The man had some other cool “toys”. This is a Tomcar, built for use by the Israeli army. The underside of it is a sheet of metal, so it can go crawling right over rocks and boulders.

We got to go for a rather hair-raising ride down the long driveway. (And he said he was being “gentle” with us). Hmn.

Here’s another of his non-traditional toys. By the way, the highest paved road in North America runs at the top of that far mountain (Mt. Evans) on the upper right. Cool, huh?

The guy’s house was built by a NASA engineer…

and the ruby-throated hummingbirds on the porch were super sweet. They didn’t mind the presence of birdwatchers one bit!

When we left, this boy brought home a new bike.

He’s still getting the hang of gears, clutch, shifting and all that, but he’s learning fast.

And he has a really good teacher.

The biker boy has now started a blog of his own: The Yamaha Boy. Check it out and leave him a comment if you’d like!

2 Responses to “of beach girls and bikers boys”

  1. 3 amigos says on :

    helloooooo honeeeee………………WOW what a pretty lake; i don’t think “ours” look like that here or maybe they do….in pix ?. and what a nice scooter and family; we love u guys/mom

  2. jodi says on :

    That is so cool!! The guy’s house looks like a really awesome place. Those “toys” of his…they are so neat! I love that you guys got a bike for Caleb. Growing up we had a little one and at that time we had about an acre of land and riding that thing around was probably one of the best memories I made with my brothers. haha!