kids craft: silly balloon heads

Posted on June 15th, 2011 by mountain girl  |  1 Comment »

These balloon heads are easy to make and so funny and squishy to play with. Zia has made several, and she took some to the playground just to find kids to give them to. The kids were thrilled. No one could figure out the secret ingredient inside!


good quality balloons


kitchen or automotive funnel

something straight to help push the flour down the funnel (chopstick, skewer, knitting needle)

markers, goggly eyes, stickers, etc. for facial features

1. Stretch balloon, blow up, and release air.

2. Fit balloon over funnel and spoon some flour in. Shake up and down gently while pushing flour through with knitting needle or other straight tool. Continue to fill with flour until balloon is taut.

3. Tie end and add facial features.

This silly guy is the dad balloon. The mom is in the top photo; pink with red hair.

This funny fellow cracks me up. Zia says he’s the baby, but I think the wrinkles make him more of a gramps. (Not that any of OUR grandpas are funny looking or have wrinkles…I’m just saying.)

Many more were made after these first three found new owners at the playground!

Happy balloon-folk making!

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  1. carlye says on :

    That is a great idea. I am doing this tomorrow for sure!