make america great

Posted on November 9th, 2016 by mountain girl  |  Comments Off on make america great


Through all the cries for equality, freedom, and human rights throughout this election, there is one cry that rings louder in my ears than all the rest: the voice of the unborn. Without the sanctity of human life at the very core of who we are, I’m not sure America could ever truly be great.

My desire is not to trample on the rights of other adults, but if the lives of our silent little ones are not valuable to us, then what kind of a nation are we? We who have life will always have choices, and the opportunity to fight for those choices; those who are not given the right to life will never have a single choice.

My vote was first and foremost for the right of unborn babies, and although I know there is disappointment in the hearts of so many people right now, I truly believe that our entire nation will reap the benefits of the next presidency.

I am filled with hope for America!



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