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the artist behind the art

Posted on March 27th, 2010 by mountain girl  |  2 Comments »

Several years ago, I came across this book in a library. I think I was in college. I loved the illustrations, and took it home to study it. Later I found more of Uri Shulevitz’s books (he’s written and illustrated dozens of them) and I loved them just as much. He became something of a […]

standing room only

Posted on March 17th, 2010 by mountain girl  |  Comments Off on standing room only

Ok, an update on Kevin Henkes in Kansas City! It was definitely very cool to see the renowned creator of so many awesome kids’ books. Unfortunately, the little Reading Reptile bookshop was completely packed out -that’s right, standing room only- everyone breathing either down your neck or in your face. Because of the mob-ness, we […]

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Posted on March 16th, 2010 by mountain girl  |  Comments Off on starry-eyed

See the mouse above? That’s me, dancing for joy. Author, illustrator, and Caldecott Medalist Kevin Henkes will be at the Reading Reptile in Brookside tonight…and guess who’s going to see him? ALL smiles…

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penguins and tigers and polar bears, oh my

Posted on March 9th, 2010 by mountain girl  |  1 Comment »

I have to confess: one of my main temptations in life is to buy books…lots of them. I usually keep it well under control, using the local library to stave off the worst of my cravings. But last week I picked up this book at our neighborhood Bargain Factory. I got the $35 book new for […]