river princess

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A package from Mimi came for Zia in the mail…full of bright feathers and jungle stickers! After the first breathless moments of random sticking and unsticking, we decided to make a hat.

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Then we took it down to the creek we’ve been playing in every day.

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Our creek is just over a mile from our house. It has mossy banks and nice flat rocks to sit on…

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where we float twig boats, fish for rocks, drive leaf cars, and have lots of other sweet adventures!

Today, we mostly just made River Soup.

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There aren’t many places she would rather be than right here.

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And there aren’t many toys she’d rather play with than a stick.

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 It brings back a thousand memories from when I was a kid. I lived to be out in the woods, out in the fields, at the edge of the creek, at the top of the cliff under a pine tree. There’s just something about breathing in the sweet, fresh air, about handling all those rough little (and big) bits of nature in your own two hands.

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There’s also a bridge at another part of the creek. We always walk across it together, pretending we’re a couple of billy goats. Trip, trip, trip.

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Then we sit and watch the waterbugs.

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  1. mimi says on :

    We’re thrilled with the sticker feather hat! And does she realize she has a teeny-tiny bit of Mohawk running through those little veins (from Mimi of course)?