made for madeline

Posted on May 5th, 2011 by mountain girl  |  3 Comments »

When I found out my sister was pregnant, I began creating a few things for our eensy-weensy cousin on the way…with Zia’s help, of course.

This little pair of black and white hand puppets were knitted up from Susan B. Anderson’s book Itty Bitty Toys. Zia had a ball with them, and just to make sure little Madeline would approve, we ran several test sessions. Zia always took the reins and played the doting parent, waving the puppets and making them “talk”, along with totally involuntary zebra-and-panda-like expressions.

I, of course, had to be Madeline, cooing, gooing, clapping and giggling like crazy. (Get the picture?) Both Pandy and Zeb passed the test every time. Madeline loved them.

We didn’t stop with the puppets. We also made…

a cozy hat

actually 2 (from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts)

a newborn flyaway jacket (One-Yard Wonders)

a diaper bag (I made up the pattern. Yes, it was that simple)

soft bibs with snaps (Chickpea Sewing Studio)

and comfy pants to match (Made by Rae).

Also, believe it or not, a funky, girly pacifier clip

just so the new mom and dad don’t have to do it Mia-style and suck clean the dirty pacifier that just hit the airport floor. (From Itty Bitty Nursery.)

Last but not least, a nursing cover (from Blisstree). No pics, sorry…just take my word that it’s inside this matching bag, along with a set of handmade nursing pads. I got tired of fighting the wind out here and could just imagine that thing flying away over Green Mountain (along with the handmade burp cloths that I didn’t photograph), so I left everything in the bag. As J.C. Penney says, It’s all inside.

Just like Madeline…for now.

3 Responses to “made for madeline”

  1. Rae LaShomb says on :

    The puppets were one of our favorites! And its also really good to know that “Madeline” loved them too! I am sure she will:)
    Also I got the pictures…and sisterly advise! Would you use finger paint to make a face on the pregnant tummy?

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Hey Momma Rae! Washable markers are good for drawing on your belly, but finger paint would work too…and if you make a face, your outie would sure make a great nose!

  3. Rae LaShomb says on :

    haha! I can’t wait for the outie to go away