{kids craft} texture art

Posted on July 14th, 2011 by mountain girl  |  Comments Off on {kids craft} texture art

Zia seems to have to do a craft every morning to get her fix. Sometimes I wish she could just do something 2-dimensional, but right now drawing, painting, and coloring are all terribly boring to her. We usually have to do something that involves lots of cutting, pasting, glitter, or other “feely” sorts of things.

These are some texture pictures we came up with from some items in our craft bins. One of the things that keeps me happy doing these projects is the fact that we are actually using materials that have been sitting around for a while…some of them hail from last year’s stash I brought along from Kansas City.

The cow is made from a scrap of leather we cut up, along with some pom-poms and pearly beads that came from a bracelet she broke.

We made the buffalo from some “buffalo snow” I found in the storage bin – that white plasticky stuff used for winter scenes. More pom-poms, some beads, a goggly eye or two, and voila! Craft for the day.

She had her fix, and so did I. Better than a strong cup of coffee!

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