{kids craft} clay pots

Posted on June 29th, 2011 by mountain girl  |  Comments Off on {kids craft} clay pots

When it comes to having things for kids to do, nothing can beat a big lump of clay. Self-hardening clay comes in large quantities and is really quite cheap to have on hand. And sometimes it’s priceless to have an activity ready to roll…you know, for those moments.

Zia and Caleb made some cool pots the other day, and while they came out looking more like pinch pots, they were actually constructed as coil pots – a really fun and easy method for kids of all ages (including 35 year-olds, of course).

We started by rolling out a long rope of clay, then forming it into a coil.

Once you have your base, start coiling the rope up the sides. Kids (of all ages) really like the snakelike quality of this part!

Finish by tucking it all together and sealing everything with your fingers and a little water.

Leave it to dry for a day or so, then paint and add a sealer. I love Triple-Thick Gloss Glaze for a nice shiny finish.

The finished result can look coiled, or if you smooth it enough, it will look like Caleb’s 4th of July pot (top photo) – or even Zia’s Robin’s Nest pot.

I’m really excited about some Native American coil pot photos I found, which I might try making soon…I did say this is a great project for 35 year-olds, right?

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