glints of heaven

Posted on May 5th, 2010 by mountain girl  |  2 Comments »

Sometimes I am amazed at how close the earth can bring you to the sky. They really do meet, you know. During these weeks of gardening (and sporadic blogging!) it seems we’ve enjoyed a little bit of heaven in our own backyard. Though still very much a work in progress, here are a few pictures of our garden.

Herbs to the left, tomatoes and lettuce center, strawberries in raised beds to the right. The ditch I dug around the center bed really helps with drainage. And the bricks and pavers keep us from sliding around in the mud as we tend the garden!

The mounded beds in the back to the left hold cucumbers, carrots, peppers (yellow bell and serrano), radishes, beets, and more lettuce. Back right corner (and pictured below) are the berries.

Red raspberries and black raspberries…all the way from New York! Thanks, Grandpa! They are loving Missouri. In the background, our compost bin and trusty lawnmower.

Isn’t this wild? David planted this iris last year, in a stump. As you can see, it’s still thriving.

It bloomed this morning.

This is her very own garden. She just reminds me of a little rabbit.

Finally, just to be sure to reflect a little extra heaven, I cut some glinty circles from an old sheet of copper and hung them on a couple of crossed twigs.

David hung it high in a tree. He attached it to a set of chimes we bought over the weekend that absolutely refused to chime. Now they are weighted just enough to give a very light but sweetly bright ring now and then, when the wind blows just right.

Hope you enjoyed the garden tour!

2 Responses to “glints of heaven”

  1. Mimi says on :

    We think the backyard is unbelievable!!!! You’ve done so much to it! And you’ve planted everything there is to plant! I noticed a little girl planted in the middle of it all,too. I love the way the whole yard is looking. You guys must work in it all the time. So nice. Mama

  2. Christina@Health-Foodie says on :

    Your life looks so peaceful! Love your garden!