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Earlier this spring I did some illustration work for Meg McElwee. She is a sewing pattern designer and the creative mastermind behind the Sew Liberated blog and pattern shop.  After doing the instructional drawings and outer envelope line drawings for a couple of her patterns, I’m excited to see that they are now printed and in the shop!

I’ve sewn some of Meg’s other patterns as well and I would definitely recommend them. They are clear, well written and easy to follow – besides being stylish and downright cute!

Some of her patterns are for babies and children, although the ones I recently worked on are both women’s tops. They are the Aurelia Cardigan (shown in these drawings) and the Mariposa Tee. I also did the envelope drawings for the Bohemian Carpet Bag.

I really had fun doing this project. My part included a mix of sewing and illustration and I thoroughly enjoyed each part. I look forward to doing more patterns for Meg in the fall  – it is very cool to have a job that combines two of my favorite activities. 🙂

Please hop over to Meg’s website and take a peek if you get a chance, and check out her blog as well!

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    Kirke and I perused all the blog pics- quite tasty! Didn’t really know that elk looked like that (what were those things I thought were elk all this time?). Can’t wait till David does the whole bear thing-let me know! Zia is getting older looking. Very cute and we miss her!!!(you and David too!). Miss Madeline of Manlius spent the day yesterday (with her parents) visiting Papa and Mimi. She’s starting too act like a little human being now! Zia will absolutely Love her!! Love you all ,Mimi