covered wagon

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This sweet project comes from one of my favorite blogs. Zia loves anything to do with living a wild, risky, outdoorsy and adventurous life, so a prairie schooner was right up her alley.

I didn’t take pics of the whole process, but it was super simple and finished well within the attention span of a 3 year old. We constructed the wagon box from a rectangular scrap of poster board with corners removed, and the wagon hoops are also strips of poster board. We stuck it all together with Elmer’s glue, although a glue gun would have made the drying time much faster!

The wheels and wagon tongue were cut from the top flaps of a corrugated cardboard box.

Painting it is the most fun, of course, and paper dolls added to the story-telling element.

Ta-da! Painting didn’t last long, but it’s good enough for us.

A perfect home on wheels…

with the addition of a few flannel blankets

…and a strong white ox to pull it across the wide, windy prairie.

3 Responses to “covered wagon”

  1. Skye says on :

    Wow, that wagon is awesome! What a great activity to do while reading Little House on the Prarie.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. The fabric is Little Red Riding Hood and it was from a little fabric store in Brisbane, though I’m sure I’ve seen it online also.
    Warmly, Skye.

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks, Skye! I love your blog!

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