the boy is back

Posted on June 16th, 2011 by mountain girl  |  7 Comments »

Caleb is here again, this time to spend nearly half his summer with us. We are all so excited to have him back…especially the little sleepyhead nestled right there in bed with him. Since we picked him up at the airport last night, she insists on spending her every waking (and sleeping) moment right next to her big brother.

In the 3 months since we’ve seen Caleb, he  seems to have grown up all over again. He’s even taller and more filled out, and now he sports a gallant shock of thick hair…making him look even older (and a bit more like his dad!)

The month ahead of us is open, free, and unscheduled. I have no idea what we’ll be doing with our girl and boy, but I think that’s just fine. After all, it’s summertimeand the living is easy.

7 Responses to “the boy is back”

  1. carlye says on :

    Awwww… That picture is so so sweet. May the L-rd bless your peaceful summer!

  2. Lauren Blake says on :

    hope you guys have a wonderful time, look forward to reading about it.

  3. jodi says on :

    Fun!! I love that they are sleeping in the same bed. So sweet!

  4. 3 amigos says on :

    hi honeee………..i can’t believe i hadn’t caught up on the blog – almost the whole 1/2 of June – so I really enjoyed the pix and stories 🙂 K-bob looks soooo big and REALLY like his dad (neet):) and did Carlye say “peaceful”?????? lil Zia looks so beautiful – i love her freakles…. have a good time (luv u guys/mom)

  5. 3 amigos says on :

    hellooooooooo.. i thought frekles was spelled right, but now i’m not so sure 😉

  6. mountain girl says on :

    No worries, Mom…we knew exactly what you meant! And yes, a PEACEFUL summer – I’ll take that!

  7. granny gardner says on :

    i have never done this before so hope it works. i love love seeing Caleb and his sister together. it makes my heart soooo happy. you all have a great happy summer and take care of each other. I think Caleb is the most wonderful young man in the whole world.(only a bit biased) Granny