livin’ in lucero-ville

Posted on June 28th, 2015 by mountain girl  |  3 Comments »

Hey, y’all.  We are having one wild weekend!  David’s family came from Santa Fe on Friday evening to hang out with us, and we now have a whole houseful of Luceros.


Here are Uncle Richardo and Grandpa. Uncle Rich went fishing with Caleb this morning and caught a rainbow trout!




On Friday morning, Cash and I were waiting for them all to come and decided to bake something.  He was really excited and super silly, but he did a good job of stirring the batter.


Cake pops!


The cake pops bombed slightly–actually, massively. They broke apart right out of the pan (I forgot to flour it, LOL) so I glued them back together with chocolate.


They were mighty lopsided, but everyone seemed happy to eat them anyway. :))))))


Cousin Makayla and Cash.


Makayla’s friend Kaylee came along, too.  She is super nice and we are all glad to have her!


We had a full day yesterday–I taught a kids’ jewelry class in the morning, then we went out for lunch and supplies (including beds! LOL).  We were driving through Central City on our way home when Rich’s car broke down.  A belt had broken and we had to wait for a tow. 🙁


Oh, brother.


Thankfully, it happened in a pretty good place–a parking lot–and the kids had fun darting around after a ball and giving us heart attacks when they got too close to the street.








My in-laws are super nice and I’m so glad they are here.  We are looking forward to several more days with them–most of which I am sure will be even more fun than waiting for tow trucks.  😉

3 Responses to “livin’ in lucero-ville”

  1. Mimi says on :

    What really nice pics of all the Luceros!! Got to see a close- up of Rich!…He resembles Larry, I think but his eyes are a little different than Larry’s and David takes after his Mom for sure! So glad you posted the pics and everyone looks like they’re having fun there. First time I’ve seen Makayla- cute little girl-nice to have her friend with her. The kids must love having so many to visit. Have fun! Love, Mama ps. Say hi to everyone!

  2. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi Mimi…..we are having a really great time – Larry and I got to stay with Zia, & Cashey, (Caleb helped us) so Mia, DL and Rich want for a giant hike….the lil ones were very good- we made bead jewelry- Cashey is real good at it and is a very smart little boy- Zia is great at her projects,too, (have a good day), Lisa

  3. Granny says on :

    What a great time with a beautiful setting and awesome people. Lisa and Larry enjoy your time and make many beautiful memories, that you can take with you and have forever. You have great grandchildren and we love them too, along with Mia and David. Have a great time!!!!!Love granny