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Posted on March 16th, 2011 by mountain girl  |  2 Comments »

After a wait that seemed to last forever, spring break is here…and with it, Caleb. David’s boy is 10 now, soon to be 11, and he’s grown so big since we last saw him. We went to pick him up last weekend, and have been having a blast since he’s been here. In all my brain-racking to think up things a 10-year-old boy might like to do in a tiny condo with no TV, I never dreamed he would love to sew. We’ve been sewing since the night we got back from NM…then early the next morning until bedtime, and the same each day since. As you can see, he’s adjusted well to our lifestyle, even sitting in one of our favorite living room seats…Zia’s car seat. Actually, it really is comfy.

Of course, he’s not just sewing here. He’s also taken apart all the removable parts of the sewing machine, cleaned it, researched it online, and taught me a lot about it I didn’t know. He’s been working on Zia’s old computer, updated the anti-virus, resetting the login, etc. He’s smart, easy, funny, and a lot bigger than we thought he’d be (and he’s got anything but a little girl appetite). He’s come along to story time at the library, to the playground, to Whole Foods (where the food was much too whole for him) and of course Jo-Ann Fabrics, where we found materials for more sewing (details to come).

And Zia? She’s loving having a brother, at last. She’s quickly overcome her shyness, niceties, and politeness…and has become a full-fledged little sister, complete with all the delightfully annoying little traits that I never bugged my brother with.

More later…we’re off to more boy adventures!

2 Responses to “he’s here”

  1. Leah says on :

    That is so fantastic. What an impressive boy! With a dad like David I’m not surprised he’s into uncommon things. Actually, my grandpa taught my mother how to sew; it’s a sign of an amazing man, I’m sure.

  2. mimi says on :

    Kirke and Papa and I viewed all the photos! Caleb is very cute and he and David look good together…..My brother Larry learned to sew(at 12) only because my sisters needed help making a bunch of matching skirts – so they put him to work on all the straight seams! I’m glad Caleb is having fun! I’ll bet Zia loves him! Mimi