adventures at the money museum, denver mint, and celestial seasonings tea co.

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Our guests left this morning.  The house is just a tiny bit strange and empty after ten days of Lucero infiltration.  It was hard to say goodbye, but we all had a good visit and made lots of happy memories.


Here are just a few pictures from the other day when we visited Celestial Seasonings Tea Co., based in Boulder.


You can sample new and favorite teas while you wait for a tour, and they give you tea bags for tickets.


It’s fun to see the inner workings of the tea factory, and the tea shop is chock full of cool things.


David’s mom surprised me with these Adagio earrings from the gift shop.  Green, gold, and artsy swirls–she knows me well! 🙂


They don’t allow pictures on the factory tour


but I snapped this priceless one just before we went in.


Yesterday we went downtown and walked all over 16th Street. We ate at Mongolian Barbeque.


First you pile your bowl high with all kinds of veggies and raw meat, pick out some sauces, then take it all to the grill where it is cooked in front of you.


It’s really fun and tasty. I got a salmon veggie bowl with curry and lemon sauce.


After lunch we walked to the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank. We had to go through security and there were armed guards with machine guns(!)  Cash spotted this tiny Chihuahua and loved rubbing its head–probably way too hard.


When we entered, we each got a bag of shredded money–about $165 worth–from a large bin.



The museum was tiny but very cool.  Did you know this bill even exists?


This display shows how “unfit” currency is shredded and then composted.


We made our own “money”!




After the Money Museum, we took a bus a few blocks down to the Denver Mint. Denver is one of the four U.S. locations where coins are minted.



David and I have been there before, so we stayed behind with the prohibited stroller and backpacks while the others toured the mint.


Here we are waiting for the tour to begin.  Notice David was the only one who cared about posing for this picture. 🙂


On the tour, each person got a penny and an unstamped penny blank.


A selfie with my very sweet father in law


and my awesome mother in law.


They all left this morning.  Adios, amigos–and safe travels back to Santa Fe!

3 Responses to “adventures at the money museum, denver mint, and celestial seasonings tea co.”

  1. Mimi says on :

    Oh boy, it must have been hard to say good-bye. You all look like it was quite a nice visit. So glad Larry, Lisa and family enjoyed themselves so much. All the pics are great but that last one is especially memorable – what a great group.

  2. Jennifer Miller says on :

    I have lived almost my entire life within an hour of Celestial Seasonings and I have never been on a factory tour.

  3. mountain girl says on :

    You should go! It’s a tea-rrific experience. 😉